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Humanity, Love and Relationships

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Humanity is an element that enforces love and relationship. Humanity illustrates humane, and shows qualities of human creation throughout the course of the lifetime. Humans have mechanisms created inside of them that compose all the elements that make love grow. The elements of trust, honesty, hope, dreams, loyalty, faithfulness, self-control, long-suffering, communication, listen, hear, et cetera makeup a human being. Compassion, consideration, emotions, thoughts, fantasies, and strength also compose a human being.

When a person lacks humane, humanity love and relationships are short-lived, and rarely does the person live a productive lifestyle.

Humans come in all forms, and sometimes-mental patterns are off balance due to mental illnesses, physical ailments, and/or ungodly teachings. Opinions, theories and philosophy often lead up to problems throughout human existence simply because everyone thinks they have all the answers to the questions that promote life.

Persons with mental illnesses are often left without love, since philosophers or therapists left the notion in people’s heads that these people are not capable of loving someone else. This has proven throughout the years to be an outright lie, since mental ill people love everyday, and often seek out true love and provides devotion to their relationships. Sure, there are few types of people that do not have the ability to love (or else love the way humanity expects), but these types of people often have mental illnesses that include dangerous ailments.

Psychopathic individuals have developed relationships and worked through the relationships, but still these people often cause harm, or have harmful intentions. Many believe that psychopathic minds are dangerous minds, or murderous minds, but this is not true. Thus, theories, opinions and philosophers have left a trail of broken relationships by inserting notions into minds around the world.

Down through the years lack of humanity has lead to failure in love and relationships. Inhumane acts consist of lacking respect for mates. When a person fails to respect the mate, the relationship often deteriorates if the partner fails to learn to respect the right of the other.

Again, this is where beliefs and standards come in, since stepping on your mates belief and standards often leads to chaos. The traditions and basic laws of love and relationships are ever altering, which most times guides love into the wrong direction. At what time persons are, give the wrong impression about how love works the minds of humanity turn into an evolutionary root that leads to nothing. Thus, belief, traditions, and standards are the root of humankind and when those roots are altered by influential notions relationships tend to become frustrating rather than loving.

Many times a relationship can find resolve in both parties work together to remove the problems that cause destruction. Jealousy is one of the leading causes of divorce and separation, yet jealousy is understated and overstated in most instances. A couple may strike out of jealousy for various reasons including one partner making more income than the other partner does. Thus, this is a common problem in the world and many of the complainers are men.

Men focus on pride and dignity often, which creates another problem in relationships and love. When the spouse or partner is not meeting his demands, chaos and arguments usually develop. Thus, nowadays it takes two people, or rather four people to make ends meet. Therefore, amount of income generated in the home should not be a problem, rather a reward if financial obligations are met.

Other problems such as lack of performance in love and relationship drain partners and thus separation and/or divorce often results. When one partner is not fulfilling his/her obligations, or else using sex as a weapon to get their way; or else showing lack of interest in the other partner, failure surely will follow. Thus, relationships include giving and taking. When one partner is giving more than the other is, failure is surely to result. Giving includes intimacy, caring, sharing, et cetera. When two people share they are giving the best of each other, thus the relationship often leads to love. Giving is one of the elements that compose love, yet other mechanisms are essential to make love last.

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