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Friends in Love and Relationships

Friends are a form of relationship built on different types of love. When man and woman joins in love and relationship, intimacy labors throughout the arrangement, however in friendship a different type of intimacy exists that makes the relationship work. Friendship, as intimate relationships work with the exception that sex is not in the arrangement in some instances. Some friends join in friendship and later commit to sexual relations, thus leading to commitment or else separation.

Friendships that are long lasting usually have the ingredients to make the relationship work. Friends may cause each other agitation, frustration, or unintentional harm down the road in the relationship, yet the two will work together to make it work by finding a resolve.

Friendship is a form of commitment between two or more people, and often friends join in activities, entertainment, and communication. True friends will prove true to the end of the relationship. Friends will not interfere with each other’s life, unless the friend sees the need to address an issue that is causing the friend harm, or in the making of causing him/her harm.

True friends in love and relationships will not hold back any punches when addressing issues with friends. While the friend will not hold back any punches, he/she will use consideration of the person’s feelings and emotions when addressing issues. Friends have your back, which is a symbol of love displayed on their part, and friends that endure throughout the trials and tribulations of the relationship, show love since long-suffering and self-control are visual.

Friends in love and relationship may fight at times, but both parties will apologize for his/her part that instigated the disagreement. Friends will tell you when you are wrong, thus again not holding back any punches, while considering you.

Friends that develop into intimate relationships, often work through the arrangement regardless of the storms laid on their plates. Friendship before intimacy is smart, since the two have an overview of the others behaviors, habits, personality, skills, et cetera.

Love and relationships built on true friendship will last through habits, behaviors, personality flaws, et cetera, providing violence or repeated actions of inconsideration and disrespect is ongoing.

When mates disrespect each other, or show inconsideration ongoing, thus, the relationship will fail, since friendship, love and elements that compose love are lacking.

Disrespect expands further than most people think. Thus, learning beliefs, traditions, and standards is smart when considering love and relationships. Thus, starting out as friends will help you see through the person’s behaviors, habits and personality, what makes him or her up as a person. The makeup of the person will include an insight of standards, traditions, and beliefs.

Beliefs are tricky, since nowadays standards are lower than ever, thus beliefs are often overlying inconsistency and dishonesty. When a person has lack of evidence to support their beliefs, thus faulty thinking is underlying the mind.

Beliefs are either concrete or superficial. To convince me that a person is worth my time, the person better have some realness in light. Thus, superficial beliefs rarely stand firm, thus the person is obviously heading in the wrong direction, and thus the relationship may or may not last.

As you can see, what determines the outlook of friendship, love and relationships depends on the makeup of the persons involved?

What about compatibility, where does it play in friendship, love and relationships…

Compatibility by definition means to exist together in agreement. When two people join in agreement the relationship may or may not last, since down the road can you determine if one person’s mind will change? People live life and gain experience and wisdom along the path, thus a shallow minded person might stumble upon information that changes his/her mind forever.
Thus, incompatibility according to definition means to cause a disturbance by inconvenience and distress. While the definition illustrates a failure down the road, many relationships built on incompatibility proved enduring, since down the road minds changed when facts were gathered leading to convictions.
Thus, conviction is devastating. When you have truth, you have conviction, thus no one can argue with you…therefore, relationships can last in friendship and in love and relationships.

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