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General Reasons for Breakdown in Love and Relationships

Common causes that lead to divorce and/or separation include jealousy. Other problems such as abuse, bigamy, adultery, guilt, abandonment, imprison, conflicting beliefs, inconsideration, disrespect, and lack of commitment in general.

Jealousy comes in two forms. One form is harmful while the other form is legit. Jealousy delivered in disposition of attitude and/or feelings often cause harm, while zealous forms of jealousy enforce love. Zealous is a watchfulness eye that looks out for the loved one. Zealous mates will work hard to make sure harmful objects or persons are not in the way of true love. Zealous persons will labor throughout the relationship to deliver and fulfill needs to their mate. Jealousy acted out on hurt emotions can, only further the problem. If a man has a wandering eye, of course this is wrong, since it is showing disregard and lack of respect to the mate. The action also tells the mate that if someone else came along the man may stray. The action further tells the mate that lust is the partners may focus, thus elements of love that make the relationship firm are non-existing, or lacking.

Of course, the mate may feel jealous and with good cause, but allowing the emotions to override thought will only enforce the inappropriate behaviors of the partner. Inappropriate habits and behaviors, which include careless viewing of programs, or careless consideration in choices overall can increase jealousy, since the emotions become triggered. If the partner has a habit of watching nude programs, pornography, or else reading materials of such content, he/she is lacking respect for the mate. Thus, obvious reason for jealousy exist (zealous) since the mate is wronged, thus the relationship will have problems.

When a person loves another person, the mate will hold the up most attention to the partner. A man that loves his wife will not be looking at other women with sexual eye, or else with intentions of spicing up the relationship. Rather, the man will take pleasure and enjoyment with his mate’s makeup, and find pleasure, satisfaction and joy from the person. Women are not objects of sexuality, or entertainment, however women as well as men are objects, since both work with the other to breakdown relationships. Thus, this type of relationship is a one-way street, since one partner is self-devoted, and focuses on lust, while the other partner is working alone to keep a relationship alive.

Abuse is another form of disrespect, inconsideration and an action that breaks down relationships. Love may exist on one end of the relationship, but at the other end hate lurks the chambers of the hurting souls. When a man and/or women strike their mate, especially a man, since physically he is stronger, thus, love is not evident. Women that abuse good men that will not hit a woman are poor excuses of women. Likewise, men that batter women are poor excuses of human beings. Men, are guided to love their mate as them self. When a man strikes his mate, the bible clearly states that any man treated his wife treacherous will meet the wrath of God. Thus, the hate inside these types of men has no room for love and commitment. These types are surefire illustrations of self-devotion and self-gratification.

When a mate commits an act of adultery or fornication with another individual outside of the relationship, thus the person is showing disregard and inconsideration to the partner in the relationship. When the mate continues the deceitful treatment against the mate by lying, thus over time the relationship will fail, since God has a way of making the light known to others.

When a person commits bigamy, adultery or fornication outside a relationship, thus the person is saying to the mate that you have no worth to me.Thus, adultery or acts inappropriate in relationships often lead to guilt. Guilt is the number one force that will consume the mind and eat at it until someone snaps. When a person lives on good standards and beliefs, thus, it leaves little room for guilt therefore a relationship will stand.

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