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Extracts of Love and Relationships

Several persons begin relationships out of desire, which is the opposite of aspiration. Once the relationship progresses and one tires of the other, they often drift worlds apart. These types of relationships are often harmful; since selfish motivation sparks, the relationship and thus the result only bring down the outlook of love and relationship. When a person has desire in mind while starting a relationship, it is almost guaranteed there will be other relationships outside of the relationship, and the other person will hurt since they are in love alone.

A trail of broken hearts follows behind these types of relationships. Thus, knowing who you are is the start that determines if you will find true love and relationship. If you are in contact with your emotions, personality, beliefs, standards, and so forth, thus you can touch the fine lines of love and relationship while remaining in love and in the relationship. Thus, lust, love and relationship have a separation that needs defined to make love last.

Desires are a mindful response to emotions triggered by appealing appetizers, and backed with impulses. Lust throughout the years has proven harmful, especially if the action acted out on lust has gain in mind, which focuses on sexual pleasures. Nowadays, few people remain steadfast in love and relationships, while considering love in the context delivered from originality. Religion, politics, unfaithfulness, lust, and other influences often join man and woman together, yet still relationships fail.

Love behind the years has confirmed that respect, consideration and other elements of love are non-existing, and thus relationships often fail. When two people join in relationships and love they must adhere to the advice provided to them by the Law of God and not man. When couples step on boundaries and disregard true advice they often find them self-heading down the path to divorce and/or separation, thus, finding true love takes skill, patients, long-suffering, and other human mechanisms to make love last.

A good relationship is based on trust, love, and faith, self-control and sharing. When one partner is giving more than the other partner this is not love. When one partner trusts that his or her partner is faithful and the partner is out spreading it around like the plague then someone is going to get hurt.

Thus, in the present day of love and relationships, hurt often consumes relationships, thus divorce and/or separation result. Some relationships can withstand the weathers with one partner working, but all relationships take two to make it last. Thus, some men have a history of proving unfaithful, dishonest, deceitful, et cetera. At one time women were never heard of committing such acts as adultery, murder, or abusing the mate. Thus, nowadays women fed up with the ways many men have demonstrated throughout history, including engaging in adulterous affairs, and inappropriate materials, thus nowadays women are making a statement by acting out the same. Women at one time worked at home raising the children and taking care of the household. Often the man would work, bringing home the bread and rarely did you hear reports of divorce or separation. Still they existed, but at present divorces and separation is an ongoing issue in society.

Nowadays, it is next to impossible to find pure love. Good men often find women that treat them ill, while bad men are mistreating women badly that their views of men diminish over time. Good women often find men that cheat, lie, or take them for granted, thus finding a good relationship nowadays is next to impossible.
Likewise, women at present are taking a stand, thus showing that low tolerance is in the making. The one surefire element that composes true love is long-suffering, thus men and women alike nowadays lack the ability to illustrate this ingredient that makes up love. Different relationships in the world boil down to good or bad relationships. When two people join in intimate relations, both parties must work hard to make the relationship work. A bad relationship will utilize tools believing that the mechanisms will keep the spice in his or her life when they feel tired out of the mate. In other words, a bad relationship focuses on sexual gratification, which never occurs, since he or she tires out quickly. The person may engage in pornographic reading or viewing, promiscuous relationships, violence, and so forth to gratify the desire.

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