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Habits Breaking Down Love and Relationships

Habits can make or break love and relationships. Habits form over the years, and some habits are good, while others are disturbing. Everyday a person seeks out relationships, but as the day’s progress and standards are lower, frustration becomes the focus of a long journey. As a writer, I communicate with people all over the world. Many of people join chat rooms believing the right person will come their way. Once in the chat room, they soon learn that the Internet is where games are frequently to main goal of the many abroad, thus frustration sets in again.

Sexual transmitted diseases (STD) have put the breaks on love and relationship. Although few continue to join in and out of relationship searching for their soul mate, the breaks are on. Throughout the decades people have spread them self around like germs, participating in sexual relationships with the intent of leaving the person behind. Women at one time were less reluctant to have multiple partners, but as the days, progressed women too joined the bandwagon called promiscuousness.

Some relationships start with one partner believing that the other mate will change over time once love falls into place. People have started relationships with drug addicts, alcoholics, promiscuous persons and so forth, believing that they had the ability to change the person’s habit. As the relationship progresses the mate with intentions of changing the other soon learns that changes are not happening. Thus, intention plays a part in how a relationship works. If the couples are out to change the other, more than likely the relationship will fail.

Intentions are important, since if the best of intentions does not exist, thus harm will be the outcome. Therefore, couples should evaluate their intentions when joining in relationship and love. The couple should also take the time to get to know each other before engaging in sex or commitments. When the two take the time to learn each other’s behavior and habits they can determine if love could develop between the two of them. If the habits are tolerable, thus a relationship is possible, however if the habits are problematic, only trouble will incur, since harmful intentions exist. The person may not feel as though harmful intentions exist, since the habit covers the mind’s ability to think logically.

If the person has alcohol and/or drug problems, an agreement has to take place before the person is capable of delivering a healthy relationship. The person must first admit a problem exists and learn to accept that a disease is controlling the life. Once acceptance is in place, the person must take the steps to recovering from the disease. Throughout the procedure of seeking and getting help, the person must come to terms with self and learn to love self before he/she is capable of giving love to someone else. The person must also have support and try hard to meet the demands of quitting the habit that controls his/her life. The process can take months or years for recovery, however the time is nothing compared to the results the person will experience when alcohol is no longer controlling the life. Thus, the person can then seek out, searching for love and relationship. Still, the relationship sought out should include an individual willing to provide emotional support, since relapse could occur.

At what time you are searching for love and relationship, keeping aware is essential to avoid letdowns. When a person is aware of what he/she is searching for, thus good results often follow. Therefore, we see that a healthy relationship starts when both parties have a sense of who, they are and what they are searching for in love and relationships.

Love and relationships will continue throughout our existence. Habits will also play a part in relationships, thus learning each other’s habits before intimately joining is smart, since you will know if the person is right for you. Sometimes relationships develop and each other learnt the other’s habits, but as the year’s progress, the habits become frustrating. On this note, we must understand effective communication, since obviously there is a breakdown in the relationship.

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